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Grout Cleaning

  Grout Cleaning          

  Cleaning tile grout can be an extremely tough, tedious, back breaking job. 
  You spend hours on you hands and knees scrubbing the grout lines, just to
  see them get dirty within a month or two later.  Grout is very porous,
  therefore everything that touches the grout is absorbed directly into it. 
  Any and all spills are directly absorbed into the grout immediately.  This 
  makes it impossible to clean, because the liquid is actually deep into the
  grout opposed to sitting on the surface.  The #1 cause of dirty,discolored
  grout lines is due to cleaning the the grout regularly.  When you start
  mopping the floor the dirt from the tile and grout
  is turned into a liquid that is immediately soaked up by the porous grout. 
  The more you mop your floor the dirtier and darker your grout lines
  become.  The dirty water from your mop bucket is darkening your grout
  with every stroke of the mop.  However, there are solutions to dirty,
  discolored grout lines!

  1. Removing the grout and replacing it with new grout. 
  2. Steam Cleaning the grout or using strong chemicals.  
  3. Professionally Color Sealing the Grout

 Removing and Replacing the Grout    

Removing the grout completely from the tile and replacing it with new grout is a tactic that some homeowners and businesses use.       This process is extremely messy, dusty, expensive and takes days to weeks to complete.  This process has to be done with extreme       perfection and precision to avoid cracking or chipping the tile.  Once the old grout is removed and the new grout is installed it will         only be a matter of weeks before you are right back where you started with dirty, discolored grout lines!

  Steam Cleaning Grout 

Steam Cleaning grout lines or using rotary machines has become a very popular method over the past several years.  Cleaning grout   lines with this method can be effective on the surface dirt but can not eliminate the stains and discoloration that are deep in the           grout.  Steam cleaning alone can only remove a small fraction of the stains and bacteria and can cause significant damage to both         the tile and the grout.  High pressure cleaning and rotary machines weaken the grout lines by removing layers of the grout and             forcing water under the tile.  Over time the grout will begin to deteriorate, crack, and eventually crumble out.  Once the grout begins to deteriorate and weaken water will begin to build up under the tile causing the tile to loose, crack and buckle.

The Ceramic Tile and Stone association of Arizona report; 
 "Steam is an improper grout cleaning technique (method) because:"

  *Steam Cleaning can be far to aggressive for grout that is under 1 year old.
  *Steam may cause significant damage to the grout.
  *Most grout manufacturers void their warranty if the grout has been steamed.

 Steam Cleaning chemicals are improper grout cleaning products because:

   *The chemicals used are too strong for newly installed grout
   *These chemicals can extract pigments which will modify the grout color
   *Harsh chemicals can actually eat into the grout making it even more porous

   Color Sealing Grout Lines

  Color sealing grout is the most effective and efficient technique to obtain perfect, stain free grout lines.  The process starts by using a         mild cleansing product that will remove all surface dirt and bacteria.  Once the grout has been cleaned a color sealer will be applied to       the grout lines that will fill all the holes and cracks that make grout porous.  Grout Works color sealer can be matched to any shade or       color.  The customer can choose to go back to the original color or completely change the color of the grout to match the tile or décor of   their home or business.  Once the Grout Works color sealer has been applied, the grout lines are permanently protected from any             stains, bacteria or discoloration.  Grout Works color sealing process is typically done in 1 day and does not create and dust or mess.  By     the time the Grout Works technicians are done the grout can be walked on as normal.  Grout Works color sealing process is always 
  guaranteed against cracking, chipping and peeling to ensure a lifetime of perfect stain free grout lines!  If you are tired of dirty,                     discolored grout lines ruining the look of your tile floor, call Grout Works today and have perfect, stain free grout lines tomorrow.